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Eventuri to Lingenfelter Throttle Body Coupler

Part Number: EVE-C8PLM-SLC
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C8 Corvette Throttle Body Coupler
In stock - this product is for a Stingray Coupe
Eventuri C8 Intake to Lingenfelter C8 pTR Manifold Coupler

Used to join the Eventuri C8 Corvette Intake with the Lingenfelter C8 pTR Intake Manfiold & 95mm throttle body for the LT2 engine. 

Pair the best performing intake on the market with the largest intake manifold for maximum airflow into your naturally aspirated motor. 

The coupler seamlessly transitions from the intake housing to the larger 95mm throttle body with internal steps for a smooth path of airflow into the plenum. 

Silicone Coupler
Barb Fitting
Hose Clamps


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