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GReddy Pandem RB Aero Kit - C8 Corvette

Part Number: gre66980800
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Widebody Kit
All Rocket Bunny Pandem aero parts come direct from the TRA Kyoto, Japan.  Each part is designed by Ken Miura from his computer scans and CNC molds.  Each part is manufactured in Japan with high quality materials and time-consuming care to insure it's designed shape.   All Rocket Bunny PANDEM FRP / Carbon aero parts come in a raw gel-coat finish, that will require paint prep ( to fill small surface imperfections, cover hairline surface cracks in the finish and sand seams and edges for fine fitment) and to smooth out the surface finish before paint.  Parts may have minor imperfections that will require touch up and paint prep.  Most example images shown are computer generated renderings or cars with professional paint prep and painting.  It is always recommend to prep and paint the FRP items before final installation. 

Body cutting and inner fender sealing required for installation.

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