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Jax Wax Cannon Soap - 32oz

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Jax Wax Detail Spray
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Jax Wax Cannon Soap

Cannon Soap is crafted for vehicle enthusiasts who demand the best in cleaning technology. Our soap formula is a marvel of modern chemistry, designed to produce an extravagant amount of foam while safely encapsulating dirt and grime. This ensures a washing experience that significantly minimizes the risk of swirls and scratches on your cherished vehicle.

Why Choose Cannon Soap?
Highly Concentrated Formula: A little goes a long way with Cannon Soap's potent blend, designed to unleash mountains of foam.
Safe Encapsulation of Dirt: Say goodbye to harmful abrasives. Our soap wraps dirt particles in a foam embrace, ensuring they're gently lifted away from your vehicle's surface.
Swirl and Scratch Reduction: Protect your paint with every wash. Cannon Soap's innovative formula reduces the risk of swirls and scratches that can occur during washing.
Versatile Application: Whether you're using a foam cannon or gun, Cannon Soap delivers exceptional results.

For a Deep, Foaming Clean:

Measure Soap: Add 3 to 5 ounces of Cannon Soap to your foam cannon or gun, adjusting to your foam preference
Mix with Water: Fill the rest of the cannon with water, securely close, and shake well
Cool Vehicle Surface: Ensure your vehicle’s surface is cool to the touch
Apply and Wash: Cover your vehicle evenly with Cannon Soap, then gently cleanse the surface using a soft wash mitt

For a Touch-Free Wash:

Initial Steps: Skip the wash mitt for lightly soiled vehicles and apply Cannon Soap directly
Let It Sit: Allow the foam to dwell on the vehicle for a few minutes to break down dirt and grime
Rinse Clean: Thoroughly rinse your vehicle with water to remove all soap and loosened dirt

The Details

Exceptional Foam Production: Cannon Soap's highly concentrated formula produces rich, luxurious foam that effectively lifts dirt and grime away from your vehicle's surface.
Advanced Dirt Encapsulation Technology: Our innovative soap mixture encapsulates dirt particles, ensuring they are gently removed without causing swirls or scratches.
Swirl and Scratch Prevention: Cannon Soap significantly reduces the risk of wash-induced swirls and scratches, leaving your vehicle looking pristine with every wash.
Versatile and Efficient Application: Whether you prefer a foam cannon or gun, Cannon Soap offers a flexible solution for achieving a deep, touch-free clean or a thorough, hands-on wash, suitable for every type of car enthusiast.

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