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Jax Wax HD Wheel & Tire Cleaner 16oz

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Jax Wax Detail Spray
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Jax Wax HD Wheel & Tire Cleaner: The Ultimate Cleaning Solution

Efficient and Powerful Cleaning: Jax Wax HD Wheel & Tire Cleaner is your go-to solution for effortlessly removing tough dirt, debris, and brake dust from wheels and tires. Its specialized non-acidic formula ensures thorough cleaning without damaging the surface.

Versatile and Safe for Various Wheels: Designed for chrome, clear-coated, and powder-coated wheels, this cleaner is highly effective while being gentle. Note: It is not suitable for polished, raw aluminum, or anodized wheels.

Deep Cleaning for Tires: This product also excels at cleaning tires, removing grime and residual tire dressing, leaving your tires looking pristine.

How It Works

Preparation: Ensure the wheel is cool and wet the tire and wheel thoroughly.
Application: Liberally spray the cleaner on the tire and wheel, treating one at a time.
Scrubbing: Use a nylon brush to scrub the tire and a soft bristle brush for the wheel.
Rinsing: Rinse thoroughly, avoiding letting the product dry on the wheel.

The Details

Non-Acid Formula: Safely cleans without damaging wheels, suitable for various types including chrome, clear-coated, and powder-coated.
Effective on Tires: Cleans wheels and effectively removes grime and old tire dressing from tires.
Powerful Cleaning Action: Efficiently tackles tough dirt, debris, and brake dust for a thorough clean.
Easy to Use: Simply spray, scrub, and rinse for a quick and effective cleaning process.

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