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Jax Wax Premium Double Sided Glass Towel (3 Pack)

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Jax Wax Microfiber Glass Towel
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Jax Wax Microfiber Glass Cleaning Towel: Professional-Grade Performance for Crystal-Clear Results

Crafted with an innovative Twisted Loop design, the Jax Wax Microfiber Glass Cleaning Towel is engineered to tackle glass surfaces with unparalleled efficiency. Its unique construction acts like a magnet, attracting and trapping contaminants while absorbing liquid like a sponge, ensuring a streak-free finish every time.

Superior Cleaning Texture
The texture of this towel is meticulously designed to make glass cleaning effortless. Its specialized surface easily lifts grime and moisture, ensuring a pristine, streak-free shine with minimal effort.

Perfect Size for Efficiency
With its ideal size, this towel provides ample coverage for all the glass on a car without the hassle of frequent changes. It strikes the perfect balance between coverage and manageability, ensuring a seamless cleaning experience.

Professional-Grade Quality
Unlike typical retail microfiber towels, Jax Wax microfiber towels are crafted to meet the rigorous standards of commercial customers. Trusted by car dealers, professional detailers, auto body shops, and classic car owners, these towels offer unmatched quality and performance.

How it Works

Prep Your Towel: Wash before first use with a microfiber-friendly detergent for optimal performance.
Choose Your Task: Perfect for glass cleaning, ensuring crystal-clear results.
Maintain Your Towel: After use, wash with similar microfibers in cold water with Micro Renew detergent. Avoid fabric softeners and dry on low heat to preserve softness.

The Details

Innovative Twisted Loop Design: Attracts and traps contaminants while absorbing liquid, ensuring superior cleaning performance.
Optimal Texture for Streak-Free Finish: Easily removes grime and moisture, leaving glass surfaces spotless.
Ideal Size for Efficiency: Offers ample coverage without frequent changes, enhancing user convenience.
Professional-Grade Quality: Trusted by professionals for its unmatched performance and effectiveness.

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