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Paragon C8 Corvette F1 Brake Light Module - Plug & Plug

Part Number: PP-L003
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C8 Corvette F1 Blinking Brake Module
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C8 Corvette F1 Style Brake Light Module - Plug and Play!

Introducing the Paragon C8 Corvette F1 Brake Light Module - a revolutionary enhancement for your C8 Corvette.

This innovative module brings the iconic Formula 1-inspired brake light functionality to your vehicle, adding an extra layer of safety and style.

The center third brake light will change from a steady light to three rapid flashes before settling into a steady state for that iconic F1 race inspired look.

Engineered with precision, it seamlessly integrates into your Corvette's existing system, ensuring a hassle-free installation process.

With a straightforward plug-and-play harness, the installation is a breeze, requiring just 30 minutes and a rear bumper removal.

• Adds F1 blinking function to OEM 3rd brake light

• Improves visibility to those behind you

• Plug and Play using OEM style connectors

• Retains OEM DOT Approved Brake Light

**10 Second delay from flashing 3 times in a row for stop & go traffic**

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