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Paragon Performance C8 Corvette Oil Catch Can - Coupe & Convertible

Part Number: PP-00018
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Oil Catch Can
Paragon Performance C8 Catch Can for Coupe or HTC

Redirect oil, fuel, water and carbon from entering your engines intake system to help to help prevent carbon buildup on your valves. Our oil catch can system captures the vapors before they enter your intake into our easy to install, pre assembled oil catch can, which fits both coupe and convertible models! Vapors collect into our baffled 3oz catch can which has a secondary bronze breather filter which ensures your LT2 breathes the cleanest air possible. This catch can mounts in a easy to access location on the drivers side for ease of service. Includes all the necessary mounting brackets, nylon braided hoses, quick disconnect fittings & clamps. Finished in a black coating to blend with your engine bay. 

  • Prevents carbon build up
  • Large ports for maximized airflow
  • Dual filtration design
  • Baffle to prevent sloshing
  • 3oz catch can capacity
  • Optional drain underneath
  • Fine mesh bronze breather
  • Nylon braided hoses
  • Includes brackets & clamps
  • Fits BOTH Coupe & HTC
  • Easy install
Question: How often do I need to check and empty?

Answer: For street users, every 2000-3000 miles or oil change should be good. And for track use, check at the end of every day at the track to be safe. 

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