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Lingenfelter C8 Corvette LT2 pTR Intake Manifold

Part Number: L2601
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C8 LT2 Corvette Carbon pTR Intake Manifold
In stock - this product is for a Stingray Coupe

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LT2 C8 Corvette Carbon pTR Intake Manifold Kit

Performance Design Carbon pTR C8 Corvette Intake Manifold + OPTIONAL Lingenfelter 95mm Ported Throttle Body

Engineered for 2020+ LT2 C8 Corvettes
Additional 25* Horsepower to the Rear Wheels When Used with 95 mm Throttle Body
Complete ECM Integration with Factory Connectors
No Calibration Required
Tested to Over 50 PSI
Heat Resistant 5 Layer Carbon Fiber Plenum & Foam Core Flange
Polymer Lower Runner Pack Resists Heat Soak
Lightweight Glass Filled Nylon Lower
Tunnel Ram Architecture
Has Provisions for Port Injection
Fuel Rails Available
SEMA 2021 Global New Product Award WINNER!

After a year of intense development, rigorous testing, and proven validation, the Performance Design Carbon pTR Intake Manifold for LT2 C8 Corvettes is ready for the street as well as the track.

Producing an additional 25 horsepower* at the rear wheels on average when used with the Lingenfelter 95 mm Throttle Body, the Performance Design Carbon pTR Intake Manifold takes stock C8 Corvettes to the next level with style and performance. It features a 5-layer carbon fiber upper lid and a durable heat-resistant glass-reinforced nylon lower while embracing lightweight tunnel ram architecture.

Innovative engineering allows for complete ECM integration using the factory connectors, and there is no calibration required!

The Performance Design Carbon pTR Intake Manifold is an all-inclusive, technically advanced system with absolutely everything, from the pressure tested Performance Design Carbon pTR Intake Manifold to the high-performance Lingenfelter 95 mm Throttle Body. In addition, this advanced system includes the appropriate couplers, hoses, harnesses, gaskets, fasteners, and connectors which were specifically designed to work with the factory-installed connections and fittings on all C8 LT2 Corvettes.

Additional power improvements when used with the Paragon C8 Corvette Equal Length Headers, Paragon Exhausts & a Halltech Hornet Intake.

IMPORTANT: Does not fit Convertible Corvette models. 

*Cars vary in base horsepower. The Performance Design Carbon pTR Intake Manifold increases the horsepower by 25 at the rear wheel on average.

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