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Soler Performance C8 Corvette DLX Bluetooth Throttle Controller

Part Number: SE0525-TC
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C8 Corvette Throttle Controller
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Soler Performance C8 Corvette DLX Bluetooth Throttle Controller - Stingray & Z06

Introducing the DLX Bluetooth® Throttle Controller – the pinnacle of advanced, versatile, and durable throttle control technology available on the market today. Throttle controllers, sometimes referred to as pedal controllers, are often pitted against modified or ported throttle bodies as the ultimate transformational modification within a limited budget. However, the truth is that they are not competitors but rather complementary components of the same system.

The DLX Bluetooth® Throttle Controller addresses both ends of the throttle system – the pedal response and the throttle valve response – to provide a comprehensive enhancement. With the ability to work together seamlessly, these modifications offer unparalleled performance, now even remotely accessible through Soler Performances intuitive App.


  • • Dual control options: on the display or remotely via your smart device.
  • • Ten Modes, providing a total of 64 customizable settings.
  • • Robust aluminum construction, durable buttons, and heavy-duty harness.
  • • Self-adjusting OLED display intensity for optimal visibility in any conditions.
  • • Real-time throttle position gauge for precise control.
  • • Fail-safe design tailored to each vehicle model.
  • • Optional concealed operation without the need for the display.


  • • Enhances pedal sensitivity for a more linear and responsive driving experience.
  • • Elevates the sensation of acceleration and power, enhancing driving pleasure, particularly in high-performance vehicles.
  • • Works synergistically with performance Throttle Bodies for complete throttle control.
  • • Plug-and-play installation for hassle-free modification.
  • • Warranty-safe and easy to install in just 15 minutes, without any tools or special skills required.

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