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C8 Corvette Wide Angle Convex Mirrors With Turn Signals, Defrosters, and Blind Spot

Part Number: PP-C8-WAM
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C8 Corvette Wide Angle Mirrors
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Paragon Performance Wide Angle Convex Mirrors Set - C8 Corvette

Increase your field of view with these must have Wide Angle Convex Mirrors. Retain your mirror defroster and blind spot detection with the added bonuses of integrated turn signals and a wider viewing field. See your surroundings at all times from driving to the golf course, changing or merging lanes to even being on the racetrack. Overall these mirrors will help you feel more confident while driving. Includes driver & passenger side mirrors

  • OEM Fitment
  • Wider Field of View
  • Blind Spot Detection if applicable
  • Mirror Defrosters
  • Integrated LED Turn Signals
  • Blue Coating to Reduce Glare
  • Easy Install - Video Below
  • *Doesn't Retain Factory Auto Dim Feature

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